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    My name is Carol Graham, owner and operator of Dream Season Taxidermy.  I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and have dabbled in taxidermy since I was a young girl.  Professionally, I began my career working for a local taxidermist who got me exposed to preparing various mounts for competition.  
    My passion for mounting deer continued to grow and after meeting a world renowned taxidermist from Illinois on a hunting trip, I promptly moved there to begin training under him.   For the next three years I learned and competed in state taxidermy shows all over the mid-west, pulling several first place ribbons and Best in Category awards.  The whitetail shoulder mount shown on the left scored in the top ten at the World Taxidermy Competition in 2009!   
   I've since moved back to Rochester, NY to be closer to family and will continue my passion doing taxidermy that will focus on deer,fish and mammals. I also receive work from outfitters in the mid-west shipping all over the United States. This website is in place for those that cannot see my work, can at least get a close up look at my style.  I am meticulous with detail and strive for that alive look whether it be competition or commercial pieces.  I am confident you will find my work refreshingly realistic.  
    Please take a look at the field care section for handling of the skin immediately following harvest, which can affect the quality of your finished mount. Thank you for visiting my website and have a safe and successful hunting season!

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